Introducing the Advanced Pain Institute

The Advanced Pain Institute: A multidisciplinary team approach to pain management; where cutting edge medicine intersects with rehabilitation, biokinetics, chiropractic’s, psychiatry and psychology.

Our goal at the Advanced Pain Institute is to provide a comprehensive strategy and treatment plan for each and every patient suffering with chronic pain. We are particularly interested in instances where conventional remedies have failed and standard treatments have been exhausted. Our team will apply their combined expertise to treat these patients, reduce and manage their pain, and improve their quality of life.

The Advanced Pain Institute consists of six practitioners from six different fields. We all have independent private practices at The Centre of Advanced Medicine in Waverley and work extensively with all forms of pain across a wide cross section of patient demographics. Due to the rapidly growing demand from patients for pain relief, we have joined forces to form The Advanced Pain Institute. The following practitioners form part of our multi- disciplinary team: a Neurosurgeon, a Radiologist, Chiropractor and Biokinetics, Clinical Psychologist and a Psychiatrist.

Our patients are cared for by this highly qualified team of experienced pain specialists from the various disciplines. We deal with pain related problems as well as other medical conditions which fall within the ambit of our individual specialties.

Our Team works together to optimize each patient’s treatment outcome. This is achieved by weekly collaborative team meetings where each patient is discussed, treatments are reviewed and progress is closely monitored. All treatments are tailored to the individual’s unique condition, circumstances and medical needs as well as to their specific experience of pain. To treat pain effectively, our team addresses the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of each patient’s pain. All screening is done by Dr. Miller, who may treat or refer to the appropriate Pain Clinic member.