Meet the team- Advanced Pain Institute

The Advanced Pain Institute

We are situated at the Centre of Advanced Medicine, 13 Scott Street, Waverley in Johannesburg, which is just off the M1 highway and close to Melrose Arch.

* NOTE: when using a GPS for navigation purposes, it is best to enter ‘Centre of Advanced Medicine’ which will then bring you straight to our doorstep.

The Centre of Advanced Medicine has 24 hour security and ample secure parking. There is a ramp entry at the North Building entrance to the first floor which easily accommodates wheelchairs.


Our Neurosurgeon assesses the cases on a central basis, who will provide medical help, but importantly will try to streamline and refer the patients into the different specialty areas that are needed.

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Our Radiology department is an outpatient facility that offers pain management procedures, for joint pain, spinal pain, soft tissue pain and other pain syndromes. The department has mammography, ultrasound, bone density, in theatre fluoroscopy and an open MRI facility.

Patients can come to a safe and friendly outpatient facility. The recommended tariffs from various medical aids are charged and submitted directly for your convenience


The Psychologist and the Psychiatrist play a vital role in the management of pain. At the Advanced Pain Institute we recognized the debilitating effect that pain has on our patient’s emotional well-being. Living with chronic intractable pain impacts on the patients’ quality of life. Their sleep is disturbed, their movement is restricted and they are often unable to do any form of exercise. The frustration of on-going pain leads to stress, anxiety, anger, helplessness, mood changes/fluctuations and depression. All of this then negatively impacts the patients social, occupational and interpersonal functioning.

Our psychologist and psychiatrist will assist patients (and their families) in need of extended support. Understanding and managing one’s thoughts, emotions and behaviours that accompany their daily discomfort results in more effective coping —and can actually reduce the intensity of the pain experienced. Psychotherapy and medication are used for certain patients as an adjunct to the medical and physical therapies required.


Our team of Registered Biokineticists is headed by Shehnaaz Bhabha who runs this highly successful unit at the Centre. Working in tandem with the neurosurgeon when applicable, they specialise in exercise therapy in the management of chronic and orthopaedic conditions. Biokinetic therapy is a mode of treatment which utilizes exercise to treat and manage conditions that cause pain and dysfunction in the body. Post-operative pain as well as injury recovery are effectively managed through Biokinetics. This mode of treatment uses highly specialised exercise prescriptions centring around correcting biomechanics and muscle imbalances, as well as improving posture, mobility and flexibility. Our Biokineticists provide patients with core strengthening exercises, strength and conditioning exercises, balance & proprioceptive work as well as home exercise prescriptions.

Empowering and educating our patients through exercise has improved the quality of life of many patients who experience chronic pain. We use a holistic approach by assessing the entire body and not just focusing on the area of pain. Our goal is to correct movement patterns and not just muscle functioning for long term pain relief and for patients to return to activities they enjoy.


Our Chiropractor works closely with the Neurosurgeon to ensure that the patient receives highly individualized treatment for their specific condition. Therapy will include soft tissue therapy and guided exercise routines is essential in the journey towards a full recovery.

Soft tissue release (STR) is a specific technique whereby the therapist actively massages and stretches the muscles, tendons and fascia surrounding the affected area.

The benefits of these treatments include:

Decreased pain and swelling, increased mobility and functional ability as well as accelerated healing. Our patients are thus able to immediately feel a sense of freedom in their movements

Each team member has their own practice and does their own billing. When referred to a specialist , please discuss charges with the individual doctor.