Dr Miller, in terms of 40 years of experience, 10 years in state hospitals and 30 years in private practice, has had extensive experience in terms of the neurosurgical and neurological treatment of pain.

He has recently started a pain clinic, in conjunction with a biokineticist, psychologist, psychiatrist, and a chiropractic practice, the advantage being that all of these above specialities work in the same building, in fact in the same corridor.

Therefore Dr. Miller either treats patients fully, himself, or if necessary refers them to the relevant above specialities, as well as to the  radiologist, who does many pain blocks and similar pain procedures under x-ray control and screening.

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Pain clinic bookings may be made telephonically or by email .

Please remember to bring all scans , xrays , recent blood test results etc with you to appointments

Terms of Consult

All accounts remain the patient’s responsibility for all visits that they have, whether it be for a first visit, any follow up visits, telephone consultations, script charges, motivation letter charges, medical report charges or any other charges in the course of treating their treatment. Dr. Miller is in private practice and all charges are private rates. This practice has nothing, at all, to do with medical aids.

Payment is to be made immediately after each visit.

We do not submit your accounts or receipts to medical aid. It remains the sole responsibility of the patients to do so.


Dr. Millers pain clinic fees

First Consultation R1250

Follow-up Consultation R630

A follow-up consultation is up-to 3 months after a first consultation, thereafter it reverts to a first consult.

Telephone Calls R80

All calls are charged, irrespective of who call whom, or if the doctor instructed you to call. You ae paying for his time and expertise.

Scripts R80

Motivations R80

Forms – Cost dependent of type.

Account enquiries, or electronic copies can be obtained by contacting the accounts department directly 0118822706 /